At Carrville Family Dentistry, we understand that having dentures that are in excellent condition is a vital part of feeling comfortable, maintaining your oral health, and promoting an excellent quality of life. If you have gotten dentures near you but have started to experience some issues with them, you may wonder if it is time to have them replaced. Here are some signs that you need to get new dentures:

1. Difficulties Speaking or Eating

One of the main reasons people get dentures in Richmond Hill is to improve their eating and speaking abilities. While it is not uncommon to require some time to adjust to your dentures when you first receive them, if you start to have challenges with speaking or eating, later on, it could indicate that you need to visit your dentist near you for a new pair.

2. Jaw and Gum Pain

When you first get dentures, you may notice some gum irritation and jaw pain as your mouth adjusts to the new appliance. However, once this phase has passed, your dentures should feel comfortable in your mouth. Well-fitting dentures should not be a source of pain. While they won’t ever feel quite like your natural teeth, jaw soreness, gum inflammation, persistent sores, or uneven pressure are some signs that you need to consider replacing your dentures.

3. Loose Fit

Your dentures should fit snugly in your mouth to work properly. If your dentures begin to feel loose, and you notice them slipping, then it is time to make a visit to your dentist in Richmond Hill. They can either replace your dentures or reline them to help create a better fit.

4. Changes to Your Facial Structure or an Unnatural Appearance

Your teeth have a bigger impact on your appearance than you may realize; they can even affect the shape of your face. Getting dentures will prevent your cheeks from appearing sunken in and ensure that you maintain a youthful look. A tell-tale sign that you need to replace your dentures is when they no longer serve this purpose, and you notice that your jawline or cheeks begin to look different or start to sag.

5. Damage, Discoloration, or Foul Odor

Dentures are fragile and can be easily damaged. While some forms of damage can be fixed and your dentures saved, some damage, such as a chipped, broken, or discolored set of dentures, may indicate that your dentures need to be replaced. Additionally, if you notice a persistent foul odor emanating from your dentures, they may be compromised with a buildup of bacteria and will need to be replaced.

Regularly cleaning your dentures, according to your dentist’s instructions, should help prevent stains, odors, and damage.

6. Your Dentures Are Over a Decade Old

Whether you have experienced any of the issues listed in this article or not, you should always replace your dentures if they have been in use for over ten years. If you have been using the same set of dentures for the last decade, visit our team of dedicated dental professionals at Carrville Family Dentistry for replacement. We are happy to provide you with a brand new set of dentures so that you can continue to maintain optimal oral health for years to come. Please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation today.